Georgia Sagri⁠—Ίαση, Stage of Recovery

Forthcoming April 2021

Close to spiritual anarchism, Georgia Sagri’s writing happens in the heat of negotiation. Her political communiqués, essays, poems, lectures and one-on-one care reports span a decade of artistic and activist practice. Starting in the months leading up to the occupation of Zuccotti Park in 2011, which became the movement for people’s self-governance known as Occupy Wall Street, this book carries the energy and commitment of open struggle, self-organisation and public assembly, plus a rigorous critique of representation. Having grown up in Athens, Sagri’s intuition upon moving to New York was that being in public without consuming is the biggest threat to those in control. And hearing the voices of others beyond what is a given generates this threat to capitalism. In retrospect these texts are forms of recovery. They are pre-content and shared to help you trust your intuition. Breathe. Stop the calendar.

‘The condition of control is already there, by how we have been educated on property, on the difference between public and private. The moment of the occupation and protest occurs when you are there. When you stay a little bit longer and someone comes with a flashlight telling you to leave, there’s the realisation that for the guard the occupation is a symbolic act. But what makes the occupation happen is not the guard, but how people disregard, how they forget the regulations and then don’t obey the regulations anymore. There can be actions that are not reactions to regulations.’

Georgia Sagri (b. 1979, Athens) lives and works in Athens and New York. Her work is influenced from her ongoing engagement in political movements and struggles on issues of autonomy, empowerment and self-organisation. From 1997–2001 she was a member of Void Network, a cultural, political and philosophical collective operating in Athens. In 2011 she was one of the main organisers of the Occupy Wall Street movement in New York. Since 2013 she has been a member of the assembly of Embros Theatre Occupation, and in 2014 she initiated Ύλη[matter]HYLE, a semi-public cultural space in the heart of Athens.